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April 2020

Timothy Blazer on April 28, 2020


Greetings from the Blazers,

    In the midst of the craziness that we are all experiencing, we personally have had our fair share of adventures.   So many times, the rhyme “ April showers bring May flowers” has resonated in my mind; and also more importantly Biblical principles from Romans 5 and James 1 regarding suffering and trials resulting in perseverance and character.  When this storm passes, we are praying that our faith, focus, and resilience will be stronger and our character deeper all for His glory as we lean on Christ.  

   After the insane few days of preparing our home, ministry, and all details of life to make an abrupt transition back to the USA 7 weeks earlier than our scheduled furlough, we settled into Andrea’s parents’ condo in Lowell, MI with all six of our family upstairs in 2 bedrooms and Mom and Dad Wyant downstairs.   In attempt to pass the 14 days quarantine and still maintain our emotional and physical well-being, we were committed to exercise as much as possible; and it was during one of these walks that another adventure began.   While running, Tim fell and fell hard.  He was bleeding and could not walk or move his right arm.  Because all walk-in clinics were closed, and we could not financially pay for an emergency room visit, we called around and found a self-pay clinic that would do xrays.   The xrays showed no broken bones, and he was bandaged and sent home.  His sprained hand and arm continued to heal as expect with a splint, but his knee progressively worsened.  He was in extreme pain with spasms and sleepless nights, barely eating because the pain left him nauseous.  After 2 weeks, we were able to connect with an orthopedic doctor who was willing to see him. Finally, 17 days after his fall, he was evaluated and an mri was requested.   We waited a few more days for an mri and then another few days for the results.  Just yesterday, we received the news that Tim tore his pcl in his knee, and the doctor would like to avoid surgery by trying extensive physical therapy.   With few clinics open for physical therapy, we are now working through those details.   Since 3 ½ weeks have passed, and Tim has not been able to walk normally or even sit for longer than 1-2 hours, he has lost muscle tone and desperately needs to start recovering and rebuilding his knee.   That’s the biggest news from the Blazers. 

   Our entire family is together which is wonderful.   Robert and Moriah are both finishing up their college semesters with online classes, and, sadly, Robert will not have a commencement ceremony to graduate from Moody.   Julea and Levi are finishing up their year of home schooling, and Julea has already started working at a local grocery store as an “essential worker”.   Both Robert and Moriah lost part time jobs in the covid19 transitions, but now they have both been able to pick up those hours and continue to work part time to pay their bills.   We praise the Lord for that.  

    Our church plant in Brazil continues with online services and youth group and meetings under the excellent care of our colleagues, Al and Kim Yoder.  We are occasionally able to join in and pray or worship with them.  Tim continues to (as his pain levels have permitted these weeks) meet with the leaders and share input regarding ongoing church plans.  It was heartbreaking to leave without saying goodbye to anyone, especially the kids from the orphanage, but we were all under stay at home orders and no visits allowed in our city. We literally left on the very last international flight out of our city.  No other flights have left since.   

  Looking forward, as soon as the world gets back to a new normal, we plan to pick up with our scheduled furlough plans and hopefully see as many churches and families as possible during our already planned home assignment for fall 2020.   Our plans remain to return to Brazil in January 2021 and jump right back into planting our church and training Brazilians to plant churches locally and globally.   Tim is already reserved to teach seminary classes and trainings in 2021.  We look forward to personally sharing with many of you the wonderful things God has done and our future plans for church planting training. 

   We cherish your prayers and faithful partnership and pray much for you and your ministries and families!  When there are so many uncertainties in our world right now, we continue to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, our foundation, our Cornerstone, the author and finisher of our faith!  


Tim and Andrea Blazer