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September 2020

Timothy Blazer on September 10, 2020

Greetings from the Blazers,      During our time reporting to churches in the USA, it feels like we have nothing new or interesting to share now that our two medical emergencies are in the past.  However, we cherish your continued prayers and partnership and, therefore, strive to keep in regular contact.  We have already traveled through 7 different states and visited 1/3 of our supporting churches.  We have meetings scheduled every weekend until Thanksgiving and continue to prepare and plan for our return to Brazil in January.       Our oldest, Robert, has moved to Flushing, MI, for a one-year pastoral residency position at Mayfair Bible...

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July 2020

Timothy Blazer on July 31, 2020

Greetings from the Blazers!     Without a doubt, this has been a furlough that we will never forget!  You may remember that we quickly transitioned out of Brazil for our home assignment (furlough) with little time to prepare and much difficulty getting flights.  Shortly after arriving in the USA, Tim fell and tore the pcl in his left knee which required two months of appointments and physical therapy.  He is still slowly regaining movement and usage of that knee.     Progressing toward our goal of visiting our churches and returning to Brazil in January, despite all the covid19 craziness, we started traveling and visiting supporting...

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June 2020. Home Assignment

Timothy Blazer on June 22, 2020

  Greetings from the Blazers!      As we all slowly get back to some resemblance of normal, we have finally been able to enjoy Michigan with family and friends. It has been a joyful experience to finally attend services at our home church here in Grand Rapids (Blythefield Hills Baptist Church) and attend a few family gatherings and graduation open houses as well.  Tim just finished 6 weeks of physical therapy for his torn pcl and has begun the long journey towards healing; Robert graduated from Moody Bible Institute finishing his Senior year online; and the other three finished their school...

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April 2020

Timothy Blazer on April 28, 2020

  Greetings from the Blazers,     In the midst of the craziness that we are all experiencing, we personally have had our fair share of adventures.   So many times, the rhyme “ April showers bring May flowers” has resonated in my mind; and also more importantly Biblical principles from Romans 5 and James 1 regarding suffering and trials resulting in perseverance and character.  When this storm passes, we are praying that our faith, focus, and resilience will be stronger and our character deeper all for His glory as we lean on Christ.      After the insane few days of preparing...

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Jan 2020

Timothy Blazer on January 26, 2020

    Hello from Fortaleza, Brazil!      The highlight of this ministry update is by far the spiritual fruit we have seen in the lives of those we serve!   While speaking at a conference in December with several hundred people, after Tim’s last message, 3 people prayed and surrendered their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior AND over 20 dedicated their lives to full time missions!  The church that was hosting the conference will be doing the follow-up with these decisions, but Tim was so blessed to see God use him in such a powerful way…   3 new brothers/sisters...

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November 2019

Timothy Blazer on November 11, 2019

Hello from the Blazers,     As we write each update, we truly are so grateful for each person, family, and church that is a part of God’s work here.  Planting churches and equipping Brazilians to plant churches is our passion, and we are blessed to be used of God in accomplishing His work around the world.      This update is being written from the seminary library where Tim and Andrea will team teach tonight as this semester’s church planting class comes to a close.  Tim has taught 15 weeks here at the seminary and a weekend module in another...

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September 2019

Timothy Blazer on September 12, 2019

Hello from the Blazers,     We have had quite the eventful month.  Family Update:  On Tuesday, our son Robert at Moody Bible Institute, had emergency surgery (appendectomy).   He had been sick for quite some time and just kept getting worse.  After a visit to a med center, he was immediately sent to the local ER where after hours of testing, ultrasound, and ct scans, it was confirmed that they needed to immediately remove his appendix.  It was a difficult day for all of us.  He was all alone until late that night just before surgery when family could get to Chicago...

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August 2019

Timothy Blazer on July 31, 2019

Hello from the Blazers!     As we wrap up our summertime activities and ministries, we eagerly pray and prepare for the new semester of opportunities to equip believers and reach the lost!     With several training trips for Tim, a church planting class to teach at the seminary, the Brazilian missions agency needing help with missionaries, and our own church plant here in our city, we continue to have much to do.       As our church plant is growing and a core group is coming together, we have scheduled monthly outreach activities.  In July, the youth group hosted a special...

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May 2019

Timothy Blazer on May 16, 2019

Greetings from the Blazers in Brazil!     Last Saturday was a great day as we hosted our first ladies’ tea as an outreach event for family and friends.  (see pictures in Ministry album).    Nearly 50 ladies filled all tables and chairs and stayed for the 2 ½ hours of food, fellowship, games, Bible study, craft, and prayer time.  We clearly presented the Gospel and provided opportunities for follow up as well.  Despite the stifling heat, so many ladies thanked us and complimented us on a job well done; and to that we kept saying, “to God be the glory”.   Working...

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April 2019

Timothy Blazer on April 5, 2019

Hello from the Blazers!     Many exciting things continue to unfold daily here in Brazil, and we are eager to share some with you.     Tim has traveled many, many miles and taught in three different settings over the past few weeks while still able to make it home for some weekends.  Meanwhile, Andrea and the kids have stayed home and continued to work in the church plant and orphanage.   These trips have been full of adventure as Tim has encountered challenges while traveling, and Andrea and kids faced adventures at home including a butane gas leak from our stove,...

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February 2019

Timothy Blazer on February 18, 2019

Greetings from the Blazers!      While hearing of all the crazy weather in the USA this winter, we praise God for our 87-degree days.   Our weather in Fortaleza is consistently hot and mostly sunny which facilitates all the work we need to do in reaching this community for Christ.       Thank you so much for praying for our inauguration service the first week of February!   The weeks leading up to that Sunday were intense and exciting.   We worked almost daily on the building and had three work days with several families helping.   The Saturday before, a team of 10 canvassed...

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January 2019

Timothy Blazer on January 8, 2019

Greetings from the Blazers!     As we welcome 2019,  gratitude, joy, and excitement fill our hearts for all God is doing here in His ministry.  His faithful provisions and guidance have overwhelmed us, and we are quite eager to share with you a few highlights!     After two months of research and visiting possible rental facilities for the new church plant and even making one offer that fell through, the Lord graciously opened the door to a warehouse that was better than all other possibilities and cheaper too.  Within 48 hours, our small group of families went to visit the...

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Oct/Nov 2018

Timothy Blazer on October 30, 2018

Greetings from the Blazers!      In our part of the world, things have been very interesting lately.  Brazil just elected their next president, and the election was probably one of the most polemical and polarizing choice in recent history.  Even churches cancelled their services on the Sunday of the final vote in anticipation of violent protests.   Our local drug cartels posted signs threatening to kill anyone who voted for a given candidate.  Now that all that is behind us, we continue to move forward with great anticipation for all that God is doing on the ministry side of things here. ...

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September 2018

Timothy Blazer on September 4, 2018

Hello from the Blazers!    As our family completed our 18th year of ministry in Brazil, the summer months were packed full of ministry.  We had over 130 people at different times into our home for meals or meetings or teaching opportunities; and most definitely the highlight was at a conference where Tim spoke, 4 teenagers came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.   (more below)   Church Plant.   During our vbs in July, over 40 children came to hear the Gospel.  It was definitely a learning experience for many of our team since several had never volunteered in a...

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July 2018

Timothy Blazer on July 3, 2018

Hello from the Blazers!     Here in Brazil, the whole country has experienced some intense situations starting with a nation-wide strike of truck drivers (transport) in May.  As the strike increased in numbers and intensity, the whole country shut down, and we personally were not able to safely leave our neighborhood because the main roads were blocked with protests.  Gas stations ran out of gas; the main airports cancelled all flights for lack of fuel, public transportation stopped their city routes, and grocery stores were quickly running out of food.  Many people were very upset and some even calling for...

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April 2018

Timothy Blazer on April 9, 2018

Greetings from the Blazers,      Since we moved to Fortaleza and accepted the challenge of this new ministry, life has been full of surprises, challenges, and blessings.  To clearly communicate with our partners, our updates will now be divided into several categories:  the church plant, training church planters, Brazilian Mission Agency ministry, orphanage ministry, and local church support.    Church Plant.   Sunday morning services continue for the new church plant with which we are involved.  Tim is leading a team of four Brazilian families as we work together to start this new congregation.  This is also a great training grounds...

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January 2018

Timothy Blazer on January 23, 2018

Hello from Fortaleza, Brazil,     December and January have been months of intense joy and extreme frustrations as well.   Allow us to first share about the joy we experienced.   Both of our college aged kids joined us here in Brazil for Christmas break.  It was amazing to have all six of us here and together for the holidays.  Robert stayed only 2 weeks and 5 days before heading back to classes at Moody.  However, Moriah had 4 full weeks with us here.  It was such a joy to show them our rented home and have them involved in our new...

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December 2017

Timothy Blazer on November 30, 2017

Greetings from the Blazer family!                 We have safely made our move northeast and are diligently working to settle into our new home.  It is such a blessing to be able to stay in one place and have internet and access to quick communication again.  Thank you to so many who prayed us through the difficult days of transition as we left the States leaving two kids behind in college, packed up our household of 17 years in Bauru, found a rental house in Fortaleza, drove our old truck the 3400 km through back roads of Brazil, and settled into...

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September 2017. Back to Brazil

Timothy Blazer on September 11, 2017

  Greetings from the Blazers,      As unreal as it seems, the time has come for our return to Brazil.   This furlough has been an amazing year filled with many blessings and reminders of God’s loving care for us and our family.  He has provided in amazing ways for each of our needs and prepared the way for our return to the mission field.   Thank you to so many who have given, prayed, received us into your home, and invested in our lives and/or our children’s lives as well.   We have been abundantly blessed and are returning filled up, rested,...

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July 2017

Timothy Blazer on July 15, 2017

     This has been an eventful and fruitful furlough for us. We visited our 20 supporting churches and 20+ partnering families and also presented our ministry in three new churches, two of which have also become a part of our support team.  It has been a privilege to report to our support team of churches and families about all that the Lord has been doing in Brazil through our ministry. It reminds us of the times that Paul and his fellow missionaries reported to the churches in Antioch and Jerusalem of all the Lord had been doing through their...

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February 1, 2017

Timothy Blazer on January 31, 2017

Greetings from the Blazers,     We trust this find you well and faithfully serving our Savior.  We have passed the half way mark of churches to visit and families to personally thank for their partnership and are eager to connect with our remaining faithful partners before returning to Brazil.  This spring semester will be full of travels and meetings as we schedule the rest of our furlough year.      The whole family has handled the transition to furlough smoothly, and now our thoughts and planning are already shifting to the preparations for our return to Brazil and a 2000...

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November 2016

Timothy Blazer on November 16, 2016

     As we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our families for the first time since 2010, our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.    After five long years on the foreign field, we are finally home and together; and we celebrate God’s grace in our lives that was so evident as it sustained us and brought us to this furlough year.         The Blazer family has had a busy fall as we traveled to 12 different supporting churches since September.   This has been such a wonderful start to our furlough year.  The love, support, and...

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August 2016

Timothy Blazer on August 20, 2016

Hello from the Blazer family,       Since we last wrote in May, we have survived a few crazy months of transition and resettling here in the U.S. for our furlough year.    Thank you to all who have prayed and helped us through.   God has been so gracious and nearly every detail of this summer full of changes and traveling has gone smoothly.        Our oldest, Robert, moved into the dorms at Moody Bible Institute, and he is very excited to start classes on Monday.     The younger three are also ready, and all paperwork is in order for their schooling this year including...

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May 2016

Timothy Blazer on May 24, 2016

Hello from the Blazers!     This will be our last update from south of the equator until later 2017.  Our family is in the middle of our last of “lasts” here in Bauru, Brazil.   As we wrap up our third term in Brazil, we are filled with overwhelming joy at all that God has done.  We also look to this transition with great excitement for our year of furlough and our reconnecting with churches; and, looking even farther ahead to our return to Brazil, we are so eager to start the new ministry awaiting our return in 2017.   There...

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March 11, 2016

Timothy Blazer on March 11, 2016

Greetings from the Blazers,       Psalm 9:1 says “I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;     I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.”  It is with hearts full of thanksgiving and joy that we send this ministry update!  We have much to share.   PRAISE God for the following answers to prayer! 1.       Robert has been accepted into Moody Bible Institute and will start in August.  He has already returned to the U.S. to work these several months in order to save money to pay for his first year of room and board.  2.      The Church voted positively to...

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January 9, 2016

Timothy Blazer on January 9, 2016

     Welcome to 2016!  This year will be a huge year of transition for the Blazer family.  Our oldest son, Robert, will start college; and our second daughter, Moriah, should apply and be accepted to a college of her choice in the fall of 2016.  We will guide the church plant through a full transition to national leadership and independence and place our house up for sale while packing to move away from 16 years of life and ministry here in Bauru.  The summer of 2016, we will return to the U.S. for our third furlough and begin the...

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October 28, 2015

Timothy Blazer on October 28, 2015

Greetings from the Blazers in Brazil,      Psalm 115:1 says "Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!”  ESV.       Reflecting on the many things God continues to do in His ministry here in Bauru, Psalm 115:1 truly speaks our hearts’ desire.    May all the praise and honor and glory be to His name only!           Church planting often feels a lot like parenting.   As the church grows and matures, we are guiding it to complete independence from us (all the emotions included).  ...

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August 4, 2015

Timothy Blazer on August 4, 2015

Greetings from the Blazers in Bauru, Brazil,     As we wrap up another Brazilian “winter”, we have much for which to be thankful!    First and foremost, we are eternally grateful to God our Father for having chosen, enabled, and sustained us in His work here.    Second, we are grateful for each of you that make up our prayer and support team.   Each and every gift comes from above but passes through your hands, and we praise God for your faithfulness and sacrifices on behalf of the Gospel.    Thirdly, we praise God for the privilege of seeing fruit in the ministry.   ...

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May 18, 2015

Timothy Blazer on May 18, 2015

Hello from the Blazer family in Bauru, Brazil,      We trust this finds each of you well and faithfully serving our Savior.    Sitting down to write an update is a great way to reflect on the work God continues to do here, and we get excited to magnify the name of Christ by sharing of His work.        April was a crazy month for us.   In addition to all regular church activities, we hosted the new members’ class here at our home and had 8 people complete the course and indicate interest in joining our church as members.  The...

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March 2015

Timothy Blazer on March 16, 2015

Greetings from the Blazers in Bauru,      What a few months it has been!  Here in Bauru, we just finished our annual missionary conference with a special Brazilian missionary who served in Germany and Portugal.  Our congregation was encouraged and challenged by her stories of European converts and their plea for more Brazilian missionaries to reach such a lost continent.    A video update also came from Mozambique where we support a Brazilian missionary family.   In all three services, we had special corporate and individual prayer times for the lost and for our role in global missions.  Pray that the hearts...

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Dec. 2014. Year End

Timothy Blazer on December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas from the Blazer family!     Yet another year has come and almost gone, and we find ourselves contemplating the greatness of our God and His faithfulness each and every day of 2014.   This Christmas season has been a flurry of activities, and we continue to seek each and every opportunity that God brings our way to serve others and proclaim the Gospel.    It is ironic that in order to stop and write an update to you, it took a holiday to force us to slow down.     October was a month full of ministry and travel.  We...

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October 2014

Timothy Blazer on October 14, 2014

Greetings from the Blazers,       It’s a hot one (102 F) here, and we are trying to stay inside and out of the sun.  Any excuse to drive somewhere in the car is welcomed since it is the one place with air conditioning.  Brazilian summer is making its appearance early this year, and we are already sweating.     On the ministry side of things, there is always much to share.  We finished up our 40 day focus on fasting and prayer with a special service and testimony time.   So many in our congregation dedicated themselves to various types of fasting...

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August 2014

Timothy Blazer on August 21, 2014

Hello from the Blazers,    We are so blessed to be your partners in the Gospel and praise God for your faithfulness over the years that made this ministry possible.  Thank you!     Since we had planned to stay for a 5 year term in Brazil, after completing our third year of this term in June, we made a short trip back to the U.S. to visit with family and connect with our home church and its new pastor.    We are so thankful for the generosity of a family member who donated air miles to purchase our trip home. ...

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May 1, 2014

Timothy Blazer on May 1, 2014

Hello from Bauru, Brazil.      It has begun.  World Cup season has hit hard in Brazil as the whole country prepares to receive and “win” (or so they hope) the world cup of soccer.   Everywhere you look there is soccer paraphernalia and Brazilian flags, cups, balls, you name it.  Nearly all media, tv commercials, sales pitches, and propaganda have turned into soccer promotions.   Schools have organized their whole school year around these games and most churches will have to adjust at least one of their service times in order to accommodate.   The fever has begun.      On the ministry side...

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March 4, 2014

Timothy Blazer on April 22, 2014

     Just as with your lives and ministries, our time flies by and the days and weeks and months start to run together.  This first quarter of 2014 has been no different.  However, in the midst of so many activities, we are blessed to meet daily with the Great I AM--God of the universe-- in His Word and prayer.  We are privileged to join Him in His work and see His active hand transforming lives, and it’s awesome!     Reflecting through all the possible happenings to share in this update, three highlights come to mind:   1.        Marco and Denise...

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Jan 3, 2014

Timothy Blazer on January 3, 2014

New Year’s greetings from the Blazers!       The first week of a new year is such an amazing time to reflect on the wonderful and amazing things God has done and to anticipate such blessings (in all forms) in the year to come.  Just the fact that God has chosen us to have life (and have it abundantly) and that He continues to allow us to be involved in His work here is beyond our comprehension.   We look to 2014 with excitement and grateful hearts.   We sincerely and humbly thank each one of you for the role that you have...

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Oct 2013

Timothy Blazer on October 24, 2013

Precious partners in the Gospel,        Each and every day we praise God for you.  We cherish your prayers and your partnership in reaching the lost with the life changing message of the Scriptures.    You are precious to us, and we are honored to be an extension of your ministries and families here in Brazil.      After months of planning and praying, our all church retreat was a tremendous blessing.  More than 100 people came out at least one of the three days, and a group of about 60 slept at the campgrounds.  All day long there were activities...

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Aug/Sept 2013

Timothy Blazer on September 12, 2013

We eagerly share some recent highlights of ministry with you, our precious partners in the ministry, in order to encourage you and also ask for your continued prayers on our behalf.   Beyond the normal church activities, here are just a few highlights: 1.  This year’s couples’ dinner in August was our best yet!  We had over 70 people present and 20 of those were first time visiting couples.  One of these visiting families started coming to church services. 2.  Tim was invited to speak at two multi- church soccer tournaments here in town.   The first one had over 100 boys,...

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Brazilian Winter 2013 (July/Aug)

Timothy Blazer on August 7, 2013

Greetings from the Blazers,    As summer activities in the States are still going strong, here in Brazil we are winding down our “winter” break and kids are back to school already.  It has been an unusually cold winter here even dropping below freezing one night.  A city just 5 hours south of us even had snow!  Since we have no heat in our homes and don’t have hot water in all the sinks, the cold provides many challenges.            As we were able to put on more and more clothing, wrap up in blankets, and even use small...

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2013. April, May, June

Timothy Blazer on June 25, 2013

Greetings from the Blazers!    It seems that we could write a short book for each of our updates as we are so eager to share God’s working here.    We will, however, try to keep it short while at the same time giving God the credit, glory, and praise for what He has done!    March, April, and May just flew by as we had what seemed like endless meetings working through future plans for the church and ministry.  Despite the extra meetings, ministry continued and many great things happened here.     Tim wrapped up a 12 week sermon...

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2013 First Quarter Highlights

Timothy Blazer on March 21, 2013

  Hello from the Blazers!    Wanted to take a moment and briefly update you on some highlights of these last few months of ministry. *Luis Fernando (surrendered his life to Christ in January) is growing by leaps and bounds.  We have the privilege of being with him three different times a week (Sunday, small group, and one on one discipleship) and find great joy in watching his progress.  His joy in the Lord is radiant and contagious.  After meeting individually with him and his girlfriend, both came to the conclusion that they needed to immediately take a step of...

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New Year 2013

Timothy Blazer on January 7, 2013

  Happy 2013 from the Blazer family! As we start the new year, we are encouraged by God’s work in and through us. Our Christmas cantata was a tremendous blessing to over 400 people and one young lady, Camila, responded to an invitation to surrender her life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Camila’s boyfriend has returned to several other services, and we’ve started to pray for his salvation as well. With so many people traveling, our Christmas and New Year’s services were a little smaller, and we ended the year with a precious time of testimonies to God’s...

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Nov 2012. Thankful and more

Timothy Blazer on November 27, 2012

  1 Timothy 1:12 “I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service.” We are humbled and deeply appreciative that our great God has chosen to place us here in His exciting service; and we thank you, our faithful partners, for coming along side of us and making this ministry possible. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for your partnership in the Gospel. Before this year draws to a close, we wanted to quickly share a few more reasons for which we are thanking and praising our Savior....

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Aug-Oct 2012

Timothy Blazer on October 15, 2012

  To start this update, we would like to sincerely thank each of you for your part in our ministry. So many people pray faithfully, give sacrificially, and send notes of encouragement throughout the year. Your partnership is a tremendous blessing to our family, and God is using this partnership to accomplish great things for His kingdom. In our last note, we shared the story of Fernando who had given his life to Christ and what a tremendous blessing that was after months of prayer. It seems that God had something special prepared for our small group ministry! We have...

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June and July 2012

Timothy Blazer on August 7, 2012

Greetings from Bauru, Without writing a novel, there is no way to summarize the last two months of life and ministry. They have been full of joy, blessing, trials, surprises, sickness, and much more. During June and July, in addition to continuing church ministries, we had 1 wedding, 3 funerals, 3 family birthdays, our wedding anniversary, 1 case of H1N1 here in our home, 16 days of at least one family member with a fever, 2 trips to the ER, 13 straight days of company staying with us, 5 days of vbs, end of the school year and grading, 3...

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April and May 2012

Timothy Blazer on May 25, 2012

Spring (March, April, May) in Bauru (which is actually our fall season) has been filled with many activities and God’s powerful hand of blessing on our family and ministry. As we write this update, we are amazed with the continual hand of the Almighty guiding, enabling, and giving fruit in His ministry here. In March, we received a two week visit from Andrea’s brother and family. It was a joyous time of family reunion and much fun while at the same time his family helped on two different Saturdays with our ministry to young, needy boys through soccer outreach. To...

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Jan - March 2012

Timothy Blazer on April 4, 2012

 Greetings from the Blazers,    Interesting enough, it seems that the Brazilian new year doesn't really start until after Carnaval here (late February).   Many people travel as they are on “summer break” from December until mid February.   Even though school isn't in session and many families take their month of vacation during this time, church ministry presses on, and God’s kingdom work continues.   During January, we hosted another church yard sale which raised almost $1,000 towards our building project.  It was great to see many people coming together, sorting through clothes and shoes, pricing items, and laughing and serving side by side.   Staring...

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January 2012 and 2011 wrap up

Timothy Blazer on January 18, 2012

  Hello from the Blazer family. Last year (2011), was an outstanding year for our family, and it ended with excitement in the ministry as well. As we began to wrap up the year, we hosted an all church Thanksgiving dinner with about 130 people in attendance. Andrea spent all day cooking 6 turkeys to feed this crowd (and that was only half of them). It was a great time of fellowship with praise for all God had done in our midst, and we ended the evening celebrating the Lord’s Supper. Even though Thanksgiving is not a Brazilian holiday, our church...

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Praise! Christmas Cantata and Ministry

Timothy Blazer on December 13, 2011

We have had a GREAT start to a busy week.  Sunday was our first presentation of the Christmas Cantata for 2011.  With 190+ people present, there was standing room only by the end of the cantata.  The Coral did a tremendous job with Val's leadership.  Our children's ministry even had 2 songs that they sang with the group.  Tim ended the evening with a wonderful Gospel presentation and several first time visitors as well as one occasional attendee responded to an invitation to personally know and give their life to Christ.  Tim is currently scheduling follow-up visits with each person.  That itself...

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Year End 2011

Timothy Blazer on November 15, 2011

Greetings from rainy Bauru.  We recently returned home from a great conference in the south of Brazil with all ABWE missionaries serving in Brazil.   God met with us there and blessed us in various ways.  As we were challenged and encouraged from the Word, Tim participated by playing guitar for worship each day.    Since we drove to the conference, we decided to take a detour on our way home, and we were able to spend several days with Tim's parents in the church plant where they are working.  Another privilege was for Tim to preach at their church.  From beautiful...

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Settled In

Timothy Blazer on September 15, 2011

Greetings from Bauru! Today marks four weeks since our arrival in Brazil.  After a great furlough visiting churches, family, and friends we have once again returned to our church planting ministry.  God answered many prayers along the way as He granted us safe passage and took care of the many details in transitioning back to Bauru.  The past month has been a frenzy of activity for us with unpacking, buying cars, renewing documents, fixing things up in our home, reconnecting with many in the church, and setting up a home school classroom.  God has given us the strength and patience...

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The Countdown Has Begun

Timothy Blazer on July 8, 2011

We are down to 6 weeks until we return to Brazil.  We are excited to return to the ministry that God has blessed us with.  It will be very good to be home at last and be able to unpack.  While we have had an incredible furlough, our hearts long to return to the place God has led us. As we say goodbye to family and friends in the U.S. we are comforted in knowing that we are right in the middle of God's plans and will. Please pray for us and our family as we say our goodbyes. Goodbyes...

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Time for Packing

Timothy Blazer on May 18, 2011

The end of our furlough is near. This has truly been a great year, and we have experienced God's blessings in very real ways. Through the thousands of miles traveled, God has protected. Through the ups and downs in our support level, God has provided abundantly; and through the emotions of being far from our friends and ministry in Brazil, God has strengthened. God's blessings have also been evident in the precious moments spent with family here in the U.S. This year we had great visits with our supporters. We visited all of our 23 supporting churches and many individual...

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March 2011. Excited!

Timothy Blazer on March 2, 2011

Hello from the Blazer family! We write this update with great joy and excitement at the amazing things that God is doing!  First, allow us to share the latest happenings with our family and ministry. In January, we visited two of our supporting churches, one in Iowa and the other right here in Michigan. We had great visits with both and left encouraged and uplifted due to the prayer and support of our partnering churches. We visited with a few personal supporting families and even with ministry partners, such as Baptists for Life.  In February, we had the privilege of...

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January 2011 Update

Timothy Blazer on January 13, 2011

 Happy New Year from the Blazer family. Our prayer continues to be that God uses us in faithful service this new year as we surrender to Him and that He greatly uses our partnership to reach our world with the Gospel of Christ.Our family enjoyed immensely this holiday season with family and friends and tried to keep our travels to a minimum.  This was our first “traditional” holiday season (Thanksgiving – New Years) that our family has been able to spend in the U.S. since before leaving to Brazil in 2000.  (We were here when Tim was ill but with the...

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And Still going.....

Timothy Blazer on December 1, 2010

We survived all the crazy traveling during September, October, and November and just this Sunday, enjoyed the first weekend here at our home church in Grand Rapids since starting travels in August.  What a blessing it was to be home, yet what a tremendous blessing it has been to be with so many faithful supporters of God's ministry in Brazil.  So many people have received us warmly.  As we continue to weekly share about God's ministry in Brazil and our passion to reach souls and build strong, reproducing churches, we also have been blessed by those with whom we share.  We have...

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Furlough 2010. Supporting Churches

Timothy Blazer on October 4, 2010

 The month of September and now the beginning of October have proven to be a mixture of traveling and trying to settle in all at the same time.  All three kids have settled in at their new school, and all three are absolutely loving it.  This is a huge answer to prayer for which we are extremely grateful.   Each of the kids has found great new friends, many Christians, and has already had an opportunity to share about our lives and ministry in Brazil.  All their teachers are very open to working with this transition between home school to traditional school and...

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September 2010 finally!

Timothy Blazer on September 7, 2010

 Home in Michigan finally and to stay!   September has now begun and today all three kids started school (at the same school).....  Huge answer to prayer......At 3pm before our last trip Andrea received the letter congratulating Julea on her acceptance.  We scrambled to get the paperwork together and rejoiced in God's provision.  They all seem to be happy and ready to enjoy this unique opportunity to attend school. During this last trip, we spent a few days in Florida with dear friends and personal supporters of our ministry.  They treated us to some very special "gulf coast" outings, and we...

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Home....but....on the road again.

Timothy Blazer on August 2, 2010

 Our trip went smoothly as we traveled through 9 different states and a few several different times.   We started by heading out to Iowa to one of our supporting churches and a few days with family (Tim's sister and parents).   We then started to cross back over to Pennsylvania for our missionary enrichment conference at ABWE and decided to "pass through" Kentucky to spend a day at the creation museum.  The whole family thoroughly enjoyed that unique opportunity, but we had to hit the road again.   This time we went on to Pennsylvania for a four day conference.  The kids just...

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Travel here we come.

Timothy Blazer on July 7, 2010

   This Friday/Saturday, we begin the official traveling to visit churches, supporting families, ABWE, our family, and friends.  We are eager to see so many dear, dear friends but yet dread the endless hours and days on the road.  In just about 22 days, we will travel to Iowa and down/over to Pennsylvania with a stop in Kentucky.  After Pennsylvania, we'll spend a few days in Maryland with a run over to D.C. and then back to Michigan the very end of July.  The packing has begun and many coloring books have been purchased at our local dollar store.   Tim...

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Beginning of Second Furlough. June 2010

Timothy Blazer on June 23, 2010

As we inaugurate this new web page, we wanted to start by posting a quick update.  The day before we left Brazil (after a week of crazy running around), Tim signed the papers to purchase our own property for the New Life Baptist Community in Bauru, Brazil; and we were able to pay in full and in cash.  What a gift from God!  We were thrilled and couldn’t have left for furlough on a higher note…..Now on to building our own facility. We arrived in the U.S. in May and within 3 days the first of all six of us...

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Former Ministry Updates to Start the page 2009/2010

Timothy Blazer on June 23, 2010

November 9, 2009 Greetings from Bauru, Brazil We wanted to quickly send an update before the craziness of year end ministries kicks in (both here and there).  In the next eight weeks, we have four wedding/baby showers, two weddings that Tim is performing and our children are in, meetings with our Brazilian ministry leaders, calendar planning sessions for 2010, our Christmas program already with weekly practices, and our annual family night with gift exchange.  It's going to be fun. As means of a ministry update, I'd like to highlight one thing. In October, Tim organized and coordinated a four day...

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